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GoPillar Academy Subscription aims to provide professionals with a continuing education and training program on all the major architectural, engineering and graphic design softwares on the market as well as on the most important issues and topics that are currently being discussed in the architectural and civil engineering field and the reference legislation.

With our Subscription you will be able to access all our courses, tutorials and extra resources for a small monthly fee! With our App you can stream or download the lessons to watch at home, on your work-route, or wherever you prefer!



19€ / month
  • 50 CAD Blocks / month free
  • 7 days free trial
190€ / year
150€ / year
first 12 months
  • 100 CAD Blocks / month free
  • 7 days free trial

Your benefits include:

Continuous training
Our Team works tirelessly to create new courses, updates and tutorials to keep you on track with the sector’s latest news and technologies!
Extra contents
In addition to our video-courses you will find e-books, tutorials, slides, files and many more resources to help you in your work included in the subscription!
Unlimited access
With our subscription, your access to our courses will potentially never expire and you will be able to look back at the lessons as many times as you need!
Q&A inside each lesson
Thanks to our dedicated forum, you will be able to contact the teacher for clarification or suggestions directly inside each lesson!

Subscription vs. Single course

Why choose just one course if you can have them all?

  • Subscription

  • access over 10 courses - list is constantly updated
  • complete the course when you prefer
  • access to extra resources and exercises
  • teachers’ support for all topics/softwares
  • final certifications for all courses
  • courses are constantly updated to the latest version
  • pay with little monthly installments
  • access to an exclusive community of professionals
  • Single Course

  • access to a single course
  • must complete the course within 5 year
  • can access just to the course lessons
  • teacher’s support just for 1 course
  • just 1 final certificate
  • course valid for just 1 version of the software
  • pay everything in advance
  • learn by yourself with no community support

Over 300 CAD Blocks included

Included with the GoPillar Academy Subscription you will also find a useful library of CAD blocks and 2D objects to easily download and use in your architectural projects! The library is constantly been updated from our Team and it is exclusively dedicated to GoPillar Academy Subscription Members only.

Gold and glass side table, Type: Fortunata
Gold side table, Type: Juliana
Round coffee table, Type: Denise
Round coffee table, Type: Roble Tray
Round metal coffee table, Type: Circle
Metal side table, Type: Tensi
Marble side table, Type: Alys
Metal side table with shelf, Type: Neptun
Side table, Type: Prince AHA
Travertine effect side table, Type: Lesley


  • What courses will I be able to access with the subscription?keyboard_arrow_down
    GoPillar Academy Subscription will give you access to all our existing courses, tutorials and extra contents and to all our future courses and content as soon as you remain subscribed.
  • How do the courses take place?keyboard_arrow_down
    All our courses consist of on-demand video lessons that you can watch at any time and stream from any device!
  • How does the free trial work?keyboard_arrow_down
    With the free trial version you will be able to access all our existing courses, tutorials and extra contents for 7 days without any advance payment. At the end of the 7 days your actual subscription will start and you will be charged with the monthly or annual fee, depending on the type of subscription you selected at the beginning of the trial. During the 7 days free trial you will be able to cancel the subscription anytime in your account settings; if you cancel the subscription before the 7 days free trial ends no sum will be charged to your payment method at the end of the trial.
  • When will I be charged for my subscription?keyboard_arrow_down
    You will be charged once your trial period ends unless you don’t cancel your subscription beforehand. For the next billing period you will be charged every 30 days if you choose a monthly subscription or every 365 days if you choose an annual subscription. You will be able to see your next charge date in your account settings. We remind you that you can cancel your subscription anytime and you will still be able to access your courses until the end of the billing period.
  • Can I cancel my Premium Membership?keyboard_arrow_down
    Absolutely yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime in your account settings. After you cancel your subscription, your account will be active for the remaining days that you have already paid for. After you cancel your subscription your data, final certificates, test results and lesson progress will be stored in our system for 6 months if you decide to reactivate your subscription
  • What payment methods do you accept?keyboard_arrow_down
    GoPillar Academy Subscription can be paid with any credit card, prepaid card or PayPal account.
  • From what devices can I see my classes?keyboard_arrow_down
    You can access the classes anytime and from any device you prefer, but not at the same time. You will also be able to stream the courses and download the classes to watch them offline through our mobile App.
  • What happens if I already have bought one of your courses?keyboard_arrow_down
    If you already have bought one of our courses singularly, you will still be able to access it once you cancel the subscription until the 5 years since you’ve bought it expire.
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